The PREPARE data have been deposited and are available through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Data Repository (PCODR) where you are able to access, and analyze clinical research data collected with funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Select PCORI research awardees are asked to systematically create and preserve research data and documentation, using PCODR, to facilitate data sharing. PCODR is supported by a contract from PCORI.

Underlying PCODR is a commitment to the principles of open science to maximize the utility and usability of data collected in research projects funded by PCORI. The goal is to encourage scientifically rigorous secondary use of clinical research data to foster scientific advances and ultimately improve clinical care and patient outcomes. Details of this initiative can be found in the PCORI Policy for Data Management and Data Sharing.

To view the summary and request use of the PREPARE data, go to the following link: