Meet our Patient Partner stakeholders
who ensured that the patient voice was heard and incorporated into all aspects of the PREPARE study

Alex Colon Moya (Puerto Rico); Aracelis Diaz(Puerto Rico); Bridget Hickson(Massachusetts); Margarita Lorenzi(Massachusetts); Suzanne Madison(Minnesota); Kathy Monteiro(Massachusetts); Wilfredo Morales-Cosme(Puerto Rico); Alexander Muniz Ruiz(Florida); Addie Perez(Puerto Rico); Richard Redondo(Arizona); Janet Robles(New York); Marsha Santiago(New York); Opal Thompson(Massachusetts); Joyce Wade(Ohio); and Mary White(Massachusetts)

Impact of Engaging Patients with Asthma as Partners in PCOR
Elliot Israel, MD, talks about the importance of engaging patient partners from Hispanic, Latino, and African-American groups in his PCORI-funded study, which is comparing asthma treatments in these populations. 
Listening to Patients’ Experiences
Alex Colon Moya, a patient partner on the PCORI-funded study Comparing Asthma Treatments: A Study Focusing on African-American, Hispanic, and Latino Adults, says that including asthma patients in the research process added value to the study. 
The Role of a Patient Partner in a Study for Latino Patients with Asthma
Alex Colon Moya describes the importance of his role to Latino and Hispanic communities as a patient partner on a PCORI-funded study and how as an asthma patient, he believes this study will improve his quality of life.