Meet our Patient Partner stakeholders
who ensured that the patient voice was heard and incorporated into all aspects of the PREPARE study

Alex Colon Moya (Puerto Rico); Aracelis Diaz(Puerto Rico); Bridget Hickson(Massachusetts); Margarita Lorenzi(Massachusetts); Suzanne Madison(Minnesota); Kathy Monteiro(Massachusetts); Wilfredo Morales-Cosme(Puerto Rico); Alexander Muniz Ruiz(Florida); Addie Perez(Puerto Rico); Richard Redondo(Arizona); Janet Robles(New York); Marsha Santiago(New York); Opal Thompson(Massachusetts); Joyce Wade(Ohio); and Mary White(Massachusetts)

I saw the opportunity to give a voice to people who sometimes have no voice. Because precisely the study is focused on Latinos, who are a minority, and Afro-Americans, who are also a minority

For me, the asthma condition and helping people how to live with asthma.

And we hope that hopefully, once the research is over, we have helped that many more people, and we have collected a whole lot of data too that helps out with other researchers.