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PCORI Implementation Project Awarded – Supporting the Use of a Treatment Approach in Health Systems to Improve Outcomes for Adults with Moderate to Severe Asthma

PCORI implementation projects promote the use of findings from PCORI-funded studies in real-world healthcare and other settings. These projects build toward broad use of evidence to inform healthcare decisions.


Modern Asthma Care & SMART Strategy with Drs. Juan Carlos Cardet & Elliot Israel
Serving the Underserved: A Real-World Asthma Study With Promising Applications Elliot Israel, MD
Impact of Engaging Patients with Asthma as Partners in PCOR
Elliot Israel, MD, talks about the importance of engaging patient partners from Hispanic, Latino, and African-American groups in his PCORI-funded study, which is comparing asthma treatments in these populations. 
Improving the Quality of Life for Patients with Asthma
Alex Colon Moya — a patient partner with a PCORI-funded study in Massachusetts that is focusing on the treatment of asthma in specific minority populations — describes the importance of his role to Latino and Hispanic communities and why he believes this study will improve his quality of life.
Improving Treatment Strategies for Disadvantaged Populations w/ Asthma
Elliot Israel, MD, shares how his PCORI-funded study compares usual care vs. usual care and the use of controller medications together with reliever medications to reduce asthma issues in disadvantaged groups.

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Newer Treatment Options for Managing Moderate to Severe Asthma in Adults