The PREPARE study will compare asthma outcomes in two groups of patients with persistent asthma, those who require daily maintenance medications. 
The patients will be adults ages 18 to 75 years of self-reported Black or African American descent or Latino heritage.  All individuals will continue to receive their asthma care and guidance for therapy from their usual care physician or other clinician.

Full Study

Full PREPARE Study

Vanguard "Pre-Study"

Enrolled individuals will make one study visit at enrollment during which they will be randomized into one of two groups:  enhanced usual care or the group that uses PARTICS (Patient activated rescue therapy that includes an extra medicine).  This second group will be taught to use a puff of an extra medicine each time they use a puff of rescue therapy such as a short acting bronchodilator.

At the enrollment visit, patients in both groups will review basic asthma related information, have their MDI and DPI inhaler technique reviewed and corrected, and answer questions about themselves and their asthma.

Comparing Asthma Outcomes

We are now enrolling for the full PREPARE study.  This study will enroll 1200 individuals (600 Black or of African American descent and 600 of Latino heritage).  These patients will also be randomized into the same two groups and will be followed for 15 months.  Data will be collected from monthly patient completed questionnaires and from electronic medication records abstraction.

Study Overview

The short Vanguard portion of PREPARE is now complete. In the Vanguard, we enrolled 32 patients from 4 sites, for 3 months.  The purpose of the Vanguard study was to assess the workings of the many pieces of PREPARE.  Patients attended the usual enrollment visit and were asked to complete monthly questionnaires at 1, 2 and 3 months post enrollment.  To better understand how well the enrollment and follow up system worked, the Vanguard patients also participated in 3 phone interviews about the study. 

The study team made several adjustments to the study procedure based on the findings from the Vanguard.