It is important to use your inhaler the right way.

Patients with Pouches

How to Use Your Inhaler

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Study diagram.
The PREPARE study is for adults with asthma. It includes people of African American/Black descent or Latino heritage. The study will help us look at two different ways to take medicines when you need rescue or quick relief for asthma symptoms.

People in the study are put into one of two groups. The group is decided by randomization - like tossing a coin. Heads is one group and tails is the other.

One group will learn a new way to keep their rescue or quick relief medicine with them at all times by using a pouch.

The other group will be given a second medicine to use with their regular rescue or quick relief medicine.

People will be in the study for 15 months. You only have to make the one study visit. You will be asked questions each month to see how your asthma is doing. The questions are very important. Your answers are the only way we know how you are doing. At the end of the study, you can hear about the results.
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About the Money Card

The PREPARE money card will be given to you when you begin the study. Learn more about how to use it. 

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