How to use your card

PREPARE money card

Money Card

The PREPARE money card will be given to you when you begin the study. It is like a debit card and can be used at any store that takes debit cards. It does not require a PIN.

If you lose it, the money on the card can be used by anyone. If you lose the card, we will give you a new card once for free but cannot replace the money on the lost card. After the first replacement, new money cards cost $3. You need the money card to get paid for completing surveys.

When you get the card, it will have $50 put on it for the enrollment visit when you watch the videos and answer all the questions.

Another $20 will be put on it every time you complete a monthly survey.

​If you do not use the money on the card for 3 months, the card company will begin charging you a fee of $3 every month—taken off the card. So please use the money within 3 months of the time you get each payment.